Two new videos with Oddur

Oddur Mar Runarsson is a former guitarist of Lamb. Now following a solo career, Mark Abouzeid collaborated with him to produce these live videos in a Haunted House in Spain.

“Shot a few live videos with ace photo journalist and video maker Mark Abouzeid in an abandoned mansion on the Costa Brava last week. It’s a pretty spooky place, especially after dark..more of that at a later date! Apparently it belonged to some famous ballet dancer and was wrecked and ruined by the Franco fascist regime in 1968. Still, it’s remarkably intact and Abou and I found it perfect for the shooting videos. Abou also took great photos of it which you can find on his sites. About the song, although it’s 20 odd years since I left Iceland the old iceberg somehow feels closer than ever and I’ve been writing a few songs in Icelandic of late and this is the most recent one. It’s called “Dimmu Blues”, dimma is a word for darkness so it’d translate to something like darkness blues. “ Oddur Mar Runarsson

“A live version of ‘In A Way’, the opening track my album ‘Our Place In This’. I wrote this while traveling in the Egyptian part of the Sahara desert in a battered old Land Rover with my better half, Pema, a few years back.” Oddur

“Oddur Mar Runarsson has the energy and edge of an old-school rock front man with the quiet sensibility and heart of a poet. His musical skills are undoubted and his songwriting is unaffected and honest with a depth and sense of irony that is often missed in the musings of many contemporary singer-songwriters.

Although perhaps publicly best known for his contribution to the story of Lamb, Oddur’s talents are not only appreciated by his fans but are most definitely recognized and respected amongst the music establishment. Over the years he has worked doing guitar sessions and backing vocals with many key figures in the British music scene including artists such as club legend Adam Freeland, cult festival band ‘The Egg’, Dub-Maestro and musical maverick Gaudi and with Lou Rhodes on her solo projects.”