To the North Pole

This week I received an assignment to accompany Dr. Victor Boyarsky, together with the “Polyus” Expedition Centre in an polar expedition to the 89th Latitude “Borneo” Camp culminating in a “last degree” ski trip to the North Pole. Offering the ultimate adventure, eco-tourism experience; Victor offers the adventurous amateur a destination seen only be a few, intrepid adventures like himself…the North Pole.

By motor sled, ski and finally on foot, Victor leads his guests on a once in a lifetime exploration of the ‘desolate pole’, in contrast to the richness of antartica, culminating in a satellite call to friends and family at the top of the world…or for more impact, call an arch rival just to let him know.

Follow along on the MAP Travels blog during the preparations, research and, finally, expedition itself…in words, photos, audio and video…as it happens.

About Victor Boyarsky
Dr. Victor Boyarsky, who’s been heading the Arctic and Antarctic Museum in St. Petersburg since 1998, is a famous polar explorer. He crossed Greenland with dogsleds from South to North in 1988, was a member of the International 1989-90 TRANSANTARCTICA dog-sled expedition and a co-leader of the 1995 International Arctic Project expedition, has crossed the Arctic Ocean with dog-sled and canoe from the Russian Arctic via the North Pole to Ward Hunt island (NWT Canada). Since 1997 he led more then 18 successful skiing expeditions to the North Pole.

About VICAAR and Polyus
Specializes in services for adventurous people who are intrigued by the mysteries of the Polar regions and want more then just a quick visit. “In tourism we focus our programs, fist of all, to the educational aims and preservation of the beauty of the Nature. We give our clients time and opportunity to enjoy, appreciate and learn about the unique and fascinating Wild Nature regions. Our programs are planned to provide maximum safety for all participants, with minimum impact on the environment.” For more information, visit