The guide to good tourism

In the introduction to Light Box’s Florence “My Local Guide”, the publishers provide several points to respect the environment and culture of places we visit.

  1. Create less refuse;
  2. Save water;
  3. Reduce energy usage;
  4. Consume healthy food that is chemical free;
  5. Choose local products and typical specialties;
  6. Buy green;
  7. Use public transport;
  8. Keep noise to a minimum;
  9. Respect the historic heritage; and
  10. Actively participate in improving the environment

Moreover, as a guideline for understanding our impact, they detail the following schedule for biodegradable refuse:

  • A cigarette butt, 1 to 5 years;
  • Orange or banana peels, more than 2 years;
  • Wool garments, 5 years;
  • Plastified paper, 5 years;
  • Plastic bags, 10 to 20 years;
  • Nylon products, 30 to 40 years;
  • Leather products, more than 50 years;
  • Aluminum cans, 500 years;
  • Glass bottles, 1000 years; and
  • Plastic bottles, unlimited!

Food for thought.