Taste temptations in Sicily

Down a small alley off the main pedestrian drag, lies an orgasm of fish waiting for the next reveler.


Bouquet of fishI will admit that I do like to eat fish! This may not seem like much of a declaration to most but let me add that few of my friends have ever seen me order seafood in a restaurant. The reason is simple…I like fish so much that unless it is fresh caught and expertly cooked…I would rather avoid it.

The sad truth is that even by the sea, you often cannot find a truly fresh and delicious fish meal. Experiments in nouvelle fish cuisine leave me flat while basic fish fair can be quite bland. Only a truly expert chef can balance the tightrope between imagination and simplicity when it comes to fish.

This is all true unless you happen to be next to me as I write this sitting under refined umbrellas watching the passing fashion parade of the local teenagers as your fixation with your neighbors appetizer selection becomes embarrassing.

Tentazioni di gustiIf this is true, then you are about to experience traditional seafood recipes with a subtle twist of inspiration. You are sitting at Tentazioni di Gusti in Trapani, Sicily.

If Vincenzo has not yet introduced you to the mixed Acrudita, a selection of raw sword fish, salmon and other delicacies seasoned with herbs and served on bignet or toast, then ask! Not adventurous, then try the Tepid Squid salad with its perfectly blended and subtle flavors.

For the pasta course, my favorite is Busiate Pesto Verde with Prawns and Sea Urchins. Busiate is a local, traditional pasta like penne but long as spaghetti…a perfect tube for this melange of flavors…the feint of heart need not worry about the sea urchins as they are blended into the green sauce.

Sunset behind old TrapaniEven a classic such as spaghetti alle vongole is everything I desire but with a slight smokey flavor instead of the bitter after taste that often accompany this dish. I am embarrassed to say that I never tried any of the main courses but that is entirely the fault of all the succulent appetizers and hedonistic pasta dishes.

When it comes to desert don’t even look…Vincenzo knows his strengths and clearly understands that Trapani is famous for its bakeries and pastry shops. He does have four or five typical offerings including Casaba gelato but it is painfully clear that these exist only to satisfy lazy patrons not intending to compete in the evenings fashion parade.

One closing note…please keep orgasmic moans to a minimum since young children do pass throughout the meal.

Tentazioni di gusti, trapani
Via Badia Nuova, 27/29
+39 334 1232688