Boredom as opportunity or surrealist postcards

How a moment of boredom during work became a new direction for my artistic work.


Surrealistic realism

Surrealistic realism

I am a photo realist and am known for it.  I do not use photoshop, no matter how complex the result I am looking for, and only adjust my images as much as was possible in the darkroom.  It has been the basis for my work on oral heritage and sustainability projects.

Even in my fine art work, including the renaissance portraits, expert costuming, skilled makeup and handmade props complete the scenes not digital mastery.  So, possibly for this reason, I have never truly experimented with surrealism in photography.

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Taste temptations in Sicily

Down a small alley off the main pedestrian drag, lies an orgasm of fish waiting for the next reveler.


Bouquet of fishI will admit that I do like to eat fish! This may not seem like much of a declaration to most but let me add that few of my friends have ever seen me order seafood in a restaurant. The reason is simple…I like fish so much that unless it is fresh caught and expertly cooked…I would rather avoid it.

The sad truth is that even by the sea, you often cannot find a truly fresh and delicious fish meal. Experiments in nouvelle fish cuisine leave me flat while basic fish fair can be quite bland. Only a truly expert chef can balance the tightrope between imagination and simplicity when it comes to fish.

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Electronic invoicing and payments: Roadmap for the Region of Puglia

Originally published on the European eBusiness Lab website:

The Lab, with the assistance of Mark Abouzeid, completed an extensive study that shed light on the potential benefits of invoicing and payment automation, presenting a roadmap for the Region of Puglia which identified the advantages of such developments starting from a single company, to its supply chain and, finally, to the whole regional economy. Continue reading