The smell of home.

Experienced real estate agents know that every culture has its own odor that reminds us of home.


In America, home sellers are told to stew apples before potential buyers arrive; in Italy, braising onions has the same effect. These are the scents that take us back to our childhood and help create our sense of comfort, safety and belonging. They are some of the most basic aspects of cultural identity.

In trying to understand any ethnicity, our olfactory senses have great importance…and yet they are invariably ignored by the tools used to represent culture: photos, video, recording, text and art.  As foreign entrants, how can we identify and capture this most essential genome in the cultural DNA?

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Brand Blur

In troubled times, sell quality, reliability and trust.

Stick with what you know, and deliver only what customers expect and what you as a brand can realistically achieve. ‘It’s about having a focused voice that is prevalent throughout the company – in the advertising, the marketing, the product – an entire culture.  It has to be consistent: one voice with no compromise.

>This means going back to informing the customer about product differentiation and innovation, building trust over unswerving quality and reliability, establishing non-intrusive communication between supplier and buyer and, above all, operating from a strong ethical platform, or at least, a position of realistic honesty.