SlowMedia Filmmaking Workshop | TELLING THEIR STORIES

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Applications are open. Deadline Extended. Midnight, April 27th, 2017


“Your story only needs to do one thing. It needs to give people a reason to care. If you stop trying to convince people to think differently, but change how people feel, then you have told your story well!” Mark Abouzeid

Most people know how to tell a good story, especially if it is their own.  Our experiences have tastes, smells, sights, sounds and more from which to draw.  Emotions are felt again, then shared, connecting us with our listeners. When we tell the stories of others, we often lose this connection.

In this workshop, you will learn the empathy needed to share amazing stories with the same fullness as your own.  You will learn the fundamental rule of SlowMedia work: you cannot share an emotion until you actually have experienced it yourself.

Applications are open. Deadline Midnight, April 27th, 2017