Quote/Unquote: Racism in Florence

In a scathing article about Italy’s behaviour towards the first black, african, female senator, the Florentine spoke with Mark Abouzeid about Racism in Italy:

“Italian natives are not the only ones with the race problem, however. Florence-based Lebanese-American photojournalist Mark Abouzeid, who has worked closely with immigrants here, says we’re all guilty. ‘Even we stranieri have a stratified view of the community,’ he argues. ‘Florentines and the majority of transplants to Florence are xenophobic, afraid of “different.”
It’s a city of ghettos and closed communities. Not just the locals but also the British for over 300 years, the Americans, the Chinese, etc.’ Like Kyenge, Abouzeid has made racial integration the focus of his work, which includes the internationally recognized and ongoing project Non Sono Clandestino. His numerous exhibits ‘always use a positive angle, always with music and art. And always few foreigners come,’ he says. ‘If we don’t support each other, why should the Italians make any changes?’”

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