Mark Abouzeid | Selected Clippings

Mark Abouzeid is a consummate storyteller, the kind of stories that can only be told from one who has lived every experience. Gifted with a natural curiosity into the human condition and the diversity of our cultures, Abouzeid lives in the communities he captures…he works with them…cooks with them…and plays with them.

“After a while, I become invisible to my subjects. The camera disappears, even when it is right in front of their faces, and they go on about their lives as they would normally. This is the only way to capture the true nature of oral societies and traditional cultures, as they unfold naturally. Anything else, would be a staged performance without true context.” Mark Abouzeid, 2013

Abouzeid travels the world to deliver his unique perspective on culture and the human condition through photos and words. His work is regularly featured in international publications, radio and tv including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Der Spiegel, South China Morning Post, Sydney Morning Herald, National Geographic, PBS, Voice of America TV, La Nazione (QN), The Italian, Adventure, South Florida Gourmet, Dove and many more.