Life’s Simple Rules

From the pages of Wallpaper magazine comes these few steadfast rules for business and life.

  1. a sense of timing – patience is a virtue but don’t waste your time.  know when your time has come.
  2. shrewd strategy – it’s not about messing around or playing games. practise your moves, work on tactics and calculate risks.
  3. an eye for opportunity – when it knocks, let it in.  but it’s not about keeping doors open…sometimes it pays to close them on certain fingers.  and if another door doesn’t open, pick the lock.
  4. a clear vision – bask in the limelight by all means, just make sure the glow becomes you.  know what you’re about, look where you’re going and watch your back.
  5. advertise your assets – use them to your advantage.  if you’re blessed with natural charm, poise and beauty, there’s no point acting the shrinking violet or playing the wallflower.  it’s about style not stigma.
  6. find your place – everything is set in stone, but there’s nothing to stop you carving out a niche of your own.
  7. be yourself – find a way of expressing yourself without recourse to ripped tights and multiple crucifixes.  Be controlled and elegant in tone, conduct yourself well, and they’ll always be singing your praises.