Journalism 2.0 and link journalism

Publish 2.0, one of the primary new tools for journalism 2.0, has added a new twist to web marketing, as well. Borrowing the classic “contest” formula, the editor has added a unique twist… a job and cash to the winner!

Here’s an excerpt from my entry highlighting the power of link journalism:

We journalist are tasked with providing our fellow citizens with information, knowledge and opinions (yes, non objective opinions)…to help them put their lives in a larger context so that they may better decide their future and all that might affect it…not to entertain them!

Words, photos, audio, video, links, twitter and more are the tools we use. As the world becomes more connected so, too, our tools need to become more sophisticated. Publish2 is just that tool.

Free me to point readers and editors in the right direction instead of having to create a ‘new redundant’ version of the same story, research or article.

Free me, Publish 2, to be unique when it suits me and meanwhile inform my readers through my link selection. Allow them to better understand me as a journalist by way of what I link…help them better understand their world by letting my links reach deep into the mass of content, news and knowledge.