Growing Cedars in Air – research questionaire

The Train cemetery in Rayak, Lebanon

The Train cemetery in Rayak, Lebanon

In August of 2013, my father, knowing that his death was imminent, spoke to me of his past…his Lebanese past, the one before becoming the American immigrant that I knew…the one of which he never spoke.

His memories and stories led to my visiting Beirut for the first time to find my own culture. “Growing Cedars in Air” is a documentary project about what it means to be Lebanese by heritage and/or Abouzeid by name…about my family heritage, the Lebanese diaspora and our unique culture.

As background research to help me better define the project while continuing to feed my desire to understand our nature, heritage and culture, I would be very grateful for any and all information you can provide me. All responses will be held absolutely confidential.  Should I desire to use any specific information or, more probably, want to interview you in person, I will make a written request subject to your approval.

The questions should take approximately 20 minutes or less to answer.  Please be as complete as possible but since this is qualitative research and not quantitative, leave blank whatever you cannot reply and submit the form, regardless.  There will be time for follow-up after the initial research.

The questionaire is housed on my web platform, only I have access to it and your replies will only be seen by me. Your answers will help me build the basis for future interviews on camera…this information is only for my background research.

Growing Cedars in Air - subject questionaire

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