Getting in Shape

I climbed the headwall of Mt Baker, lived in the forest for months during the winter snows and sailed the length and breadth of the Caribbean…but then again, I was in my 20’s?!

Now, I am 46 and the father of two teenage girls. I watch movies at night and, when I am feeling truly energetic, walk 3 miles to the next town enjoying the Tuscan landscape en route. Not quite the arctic landscape!

It is true, I am in fairly good shape for my age and, on assignment, I have been known to scale a mountain or two and even live/sleep with Bedouins of the desert (50 degree days, 0 degree nights…Celsius).

But we are talking about the North Pole, here! -30 degrees, snow, skis, ice, dogs, sleds…and did I mention ice!

So, how does a middle aged reporter prepare for an arctic expedition? First and foremost, he quits smoking. I have been meaning to for quite some time and this is just the excuse needed.

In addition, a program of alternate days:
Day on: 15 km hike with a 35 lb backpack full of camera equipment; and
Day off: 45 minutes of yoga and stretching to relieve the pain of the
day before.

More to come…