Florence first to pick Obama

In a mock vote held at the Americans Abroad Election Day Rally, attendees chose Barack Obama, 84 – 16, in a landslide against John McCain. Florence took its place as the first city to welcome in the new president at an event that included thousands of Americans and Italians.

Music was provided by five different bands at the Saschall Theater and a fare of classic American food was on offer all night: McDonald’s, Pizza, Coca-cola and Jolt. Dancing to the twist and hard grunge music, the crowd stopped regularly to hear live updates from NPR and CNN. By 4am as the venue closed, the crowd was already cheering Obama 2012 long before American pundits were ready to call this race.


One thought on “Florence first to pick Obama

  1. On a personal note. Living as an overseas American most of my life and experiencing directly the impact of America’s foreign policies, it has been a long time since I found myself truly proud of my heritage (no offense intended).Tonight, watching Obama’s acceptance speech I felt a great swell of pride that has been sorely lacking for a long time. I congratulate my fellow Americans for proving once again that America was and can be again a great nation.

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