Chaos, complexity and Innovation…the internet as focus group

Few people realize that the Internet is one massive focus group, all expressing  their likes, wants, desires, opinions and ideas.  If it were possible to watch, listen, and learn from all this activity; to follow the changes in behaviour and relationships; then companies might be able to pinpoint shifting market landscapes, product trends and disruptive change before its too late.  However, sifting through the mountains of information to find something that you don’t even know you are looking for is virtually impossible…or is it?

Collective Wisdom, a technology model developed by Mark Abouzeid, combines an array of advanced web intelligence technologies with algorithms based on chaos theory, cultural dynamics and financial market technical analysis to identify opportunities, threats and changes in market conditions while they are still in their embryonic state.  Where search technologies provide greater and greater precision in finding answers to the questions we ask, CW will alert Chief Executives to the questions they need to be asking: what they need to know, where they should be looking and how their business will be effected by impending change.

Originally published in September 2002.