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A center spread article by Susannah Glynn emphasizes the importance of the Bedu Culture and highlights steps BHP is taking to help safeguard this intangible heritage.

Country Living. Photos by Mark Abouzeid

‘There is so much knowledge bound up in Bedu oral traditions. The Bedu of Petra and Wadi Rum, Jordan, for example, have preserved specific knowledge related to the flora and fauna of the area, traditional medicine, camel husbandry, craftsmanship, and tracking and climbing skills. As well as wanting to preserve this heritage, there is also so much the modern world could learn from ancient knowledge distilled through the generations.’ Mark Abouzeid


Last Refuge for Mankind

In one eventful season, the town of Longyearbyen went from becoming virtually unknown to becoming the last hope and last refuge of mankind.


Adventure Magazine 1

Adventure Magazine

On February 28th, 2008, the World Crop Trust inaugurated Lonyearbyen’s Global Seed Vault, a doomsday repository of over 7,000 plant types to be used in case of catastrophic need.  April 1st, Victor Boyarsky, famed Russian arctic explorer, opened the North Pole to amateur tourists and independent climate researchers in a new form of eco tourism.

“I accompanied Victor on the maiden expedition, braving temperatures of -64 degrees Celsius and a polar cap drift of 1.5 kilomters per hour, in order to meet the people that work in such impossible conditions to help save our planet.” Mark Abouzeid, shot on the Arctic Ice pack, 2008.

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