Dre il Magnifico as the launch cover of New European


The New European

Mark Abouzeid’s seminal work The New New World series has been chosen to represent the New European on the cover of the launch edition.

“The Faces of the New Europe”. Photographer Mark Abouzeid, with his project to re-enact classic Renaissance paintings with modern immigrants, shows how New Europeans are making Europe wealthier.

What do 21th century musician Dre Love, and Lorenzo de Medici, Italian patron born in 1449, have in common? According to renowned photo journalist Mark Abouzeid, they both represent versions of what Europe was, is and should aspire to be.

Full article: http://www.unitee.eu/book/the_new_european/

The Dispossessors | The man with a ribbon in his shoe

Writings on Competitive Individualism, Globalization and Tall Poppy Syndrome, vol I.


I am sitting in the gardens of an Art Conservatory.  It is Sunday and I have taken shelter here from the throngs of people moving with force and direction like an ocean tsunami from street markets to cafe brunches to fashion row shopping. Continue reading

Quote/Unquote: Racism in Florence

In a scathing article about Italy’s behaviour towards the first black, african, female senator, the Florentine spoke with Mark Abouzeid about Racism in Italy:

“Italian natives are not the only ones with the race problem, however. Florence-based Lebanese-American photojournalist Mark Abouzeid, who has worked closely with immigrants here, says we’re all guilty. ‘Even we stranieri have a stratified view of the community,’ he argues. ‘Florentines and the majority of transplants to Florence are xenophobic, afraid of “different.” Continue reading

A Night at the Muscat Festival 2014, Oman

Discover the beauty of Muscat, meet the friendly Omani people and join in the celebrations at the 2014 Muscat Festival.  Dancers from India, Singapore, Mexico, Palestine and more.  See the colors, sounds and tastes of this marvelous event.

“Dubbed Oman’s biggest cultural and historical event, the Muscat Festival is the sultanate’s exhibition of local culture, art, consumer goods and services. The festival has a special flavour – a mixture of old and new, history and progression – from folk poetry and dance evenings, to lectures on solar energy, a chocolate festival and fashion shows. Some 1.5 million people from the region visit the month-long event, which can be seen at various venues around the city including the Omani Heritage Village, Seeb Beach and Al Qurum National Park where the most popular happenings take place.” WorldGuide.eu

Mark Abouzeid spent a week with performers and artisans participating in the 2014 Muscat International Folklore festival. Countries from around the globe and Omani tribesman from around the country mix at this important month long event exchanging aspects and knowledge of the unique cultural traditions and heritage. Join him in this ongoing series highlighting some of the key activities and personalities.