Africa Rising: the mind of the artist…

In a new video, Mark Abouzeid takes you inside his latest visual provocation.

“We are all slaves of a socio-economic model that is broken.  The African man is in a disadvantaged position merely because he embraces a broken model that is not even his and is designed to keep him down.”

Mark Abouzeid has created a visual metaphor for the African man and the continent itself…strong, intelligent, serene…everything necessary to be successful except for the ropes of cultural bondage imposed by a western system.

“The bulk of the world’s current problems stem from a detachment from traditional cultures.” UNESCO 2009

“What started as a provocation has become so much more.  Since photographing Alex and presenting this work, I have begun to meet African artists and artisans that are successful despite working in their own way for their based on very different values: interpreting their environment and culture through mainstream art styles; creating successful businesses founded on artisan cooperatives; and giving back to the community in the form of clean drinking water…this is the African when he breaks his chains!” Mark Abouzeid 2014

In this latest video, Abouzeid introduces two Africans bridging the gap between Western economics and African culture/values.

Once Africa removes the bias that enslaves it…Africa Rising.