Whitepapers & Conference Presentations


“The Business Case for Cross-Border Public e-Procurement” Mark Abouzeid, Brussels (Belgium) 2011

“The Cultural Space of the Bedu in Wadi Rum, Jordan” Mark Abouzeid & Ingrid Bouilliart, Bedouin Heritage Project (Jordan) 2011

“eBbusiness Implications for the Region of Puglia” Carmen Ciciriello & Mark Abouzeid, Region of Puglia (Italy) 2010

“SME Guide to E-Invoicing Standard” Carmen Cicirello, Mairi Hayworth & Mark Abouzeid; SEPA International, London (UK) 2009

“Innovating in Chaos. Identifying disruptive innovation at inception” Mark Abouzeid & Carmen Ciciriello, Florence (Italy) 2004

“Fostering Innovation: Harvesting Trends on the Internet” Mark Abouzeid, 01011, Florida (USA) 2003

“Enterprise Content Management: Best Practises” E – Business Q&A, Mark Abouzeid, DeepBridge Content Solutions, New York (USA) 2002

“The Global Online Healthcare Market” Mark Abouzeid & Geoff Choo, EuropeProfile, New York (USA) 2001

Conference Presentations

“Bedouin Aid Benefit Concert” Casa della Creatività, Florence (Italy)

“Anch’Io Sono Beduino” Bedouin Heritage Project, Florence (Italy)

“Using the Five Senses to Define Cultural Awareness” International School of Florence, Florence (Italy)

“Fatturazione Elettronica e Pagamenti Europei: Roadmap per la Regione Puglia” Confcommercio, Bari (Italy)

“Round Table on Light and Architecture” Fiabesque 2009, Peccioli (Italy)

“Being Bedouin, the Bedu of Wadi Rum” National Geographic Headquarters, London (UK)

“UNESCO & the Bedouin Heritage Project” TheDarkroom Academy, Florence (Italy)

“Safeguarding the intangible heritage of the Bedouin in Wadi Rum, Jordan” UNESCO Headquarters, Paris (France)

“European Commission Expert Group on e-Invoicing Round-Table” Florence (Italy)

“My Enemy, My Brother” Poggio Imperiale , Florence (Italy)

“TOSKANA KREATIV: Fotozauber unter Zypressen” Spiegel (Germany)

“Expat Entrepreneurs Indulge a Wanderlust” Mark Henricks, Business Day Online (USA)

“What led to Jeffrey Greenberg’s forced resignation” Noam Scheiber, New York Magazine (USA)

“Shades of Rhythm, Color Theory” Cre@te Magazine, London (UK)