Recent Publications


“Pitti Uomo 2013 – Winter Show Trends and Designers Report” F for fashion, Florence
“Iraqi Bodies” performed by Anmar Taha, Festivale Costante Cambiamento, Florence
“Azalai – Carovana in Musica” the Tuarec women of Morocco, Festival of the Desert, Florence
“Il Palazzo Capponi in Via del Michelozzi” a photobook published by James Madison University, Florence
“Italiani e stranieri insieme per Samb e Diop” Il Reporter, Florence
“Se il rapper nero e il ex-calciatore diventano Toscani” Il Tirreno, Prato
“è il giorno di Amerigo” Corriere Fiorentino, Florence
“A Land Apart” Hemispheres Magazine, Principality of Seborga



Investigative Reporting for VOA TV:
“Experts: Deficit Threatens Ancient Italian Treasures” Pompeii
“Euro Crisis Prompts Italian Village to Declare Independence” Filettino
“Italy’s Economic Growth Struggles to Bridge North-South Divide” Milan
“Italy’s Youth Blame Parents’ Generation for Job Crisis” Florence
“Mario Monti to Lead Italy’s New Government” Rome
“Berlusconi Resigns, Ending Scandal-Plagued Era” Rome
“Italian Senate Vote Marks Beginning of End for Berlusconi” Rome
“Markets Calming as Italy Approaches Unity Government” Rome
“Vote Pushes Italian PM Toward Resignation” Rome

“Homes Away from Home” The Daily of News Corp, Montepulciano
“MTV TRL Awards 2011” MTV, Florence
 “The Sands of Time” Country Living Magazine, London


“Nomadic People” PBS Boston, Boston
“Camel Races of Wadi Rum” video for the Bedouin Heritage Project, Florence
“Traditional Medicines of the Bedouin People” video for the Bedouin Heritage Project, Florence
“Being Bedouin” National Geographic, London

Investigative Reporting for VOA TV:
“Berlusconi Behind Anti-Immigration Wave in Italy” Florence
“Ancient Italian Town Turns Against Chinese Migrants” Prato
“Immigration in Europe: Special Report” Prato


“Last Refuge and Last Hope for Mankind.” Adventure NZ, New Zealand
“On Top of the World” Sydney Morning Herald & the Age, Australia
“On Top of the World” South China Morning Post, Hong Kong
“Da Castelmuzio al Polo” La Nazione, Florence
“Vespa Love” The Italian, Florence