“Dre il Magnifico” by Mark Abouzeid, 2012.

Mark Abouzeid is an award winning documentary filmmaker, photojournalist, and artist. A self-defined ‘Culture Explorer’ he has been capturing the oral histories, living heritage and human endeavours of people around the globe for over 20 years.

He has received numerous awards and recognition including a Prize for Peace from the Region of Puglia for his project, “My Enemy My Brother” (2002).

In his Art based social initiatives, he applies the same empathic, storytelling to social provocations on MidEast Peace (My Enemy My Brother, 2007), Bedouin Tribes (Being Bedouin, 2009), Blues Musicians (A Year of Blues, 2010), Italian Integration & Racism (The New New World, 2012), Fashion and Performance Culture (Liquid Silk, 2013) and the North-South divide (AFRICA rising!).



“Portrait of Mark Abouzeid” by Jamie Coreth, Queen’s Trust Recipient

My Great Grandfather was born in Rayak, Lebanon and died in Istanbul, Turkey; my Grandmother was born in Istanbul, Turkey and died in Beirut, Lebanon; my father was born in Beirut, Lebanon and died in Palm Beach, Florida; I was born in Princeton, NJ and live in Graz, Austria; my daughter, Lucia, was born in Hong Kong and lives in Venice, Italy; my daughter, Allegra, was born in Palm Beach, Florida and lives in London, England.

I have been changing cultures since I was 10 months of age. I have no country of reference, no culture that I cling to, no home that I miss. At different times in my life, I have been an immigrant, an expatriate and a diaspora member. I have been many different identities of me which blend holistically into the present me, drawing insight from the rituals of my past.

I have lived or worked in over 35 different countries and been culturalised (adopting a culture) not acculturalised (appropriating a culture) in each of them. I have been a American Student, a European Immigrant, a Tuscan Farmer, A Bedouin Tribesman, a Tunisian Fisherman, a Japanese Salary Worker, a Chinese Entrepreneur, an African Aid Worker and more.


Macoprojects Short Docs Festival, Winner 2nd Place | 2017
Lebanese International Film Festival, Short Docs Finalist | 2016
CMG Cannes Film Festival Screening, Selected Film | 2016
Sony One Shot, Finalist | 2016
Queer Film Festival, Short film finalist | 2014
International Photo Awards, Special Mention | 2014
Premiofotografico, Special Recognition | 2010
Premiofotografico, Finalist | 2009
Future of Photojournalism, 3rd place | 2009
Region of Puglia, Prize for Peace | 2007


Mark Abouzeid has collaborated with numerous institutions and organizations, including:

Commune di Firenze | Polo Museale di Firenze | Accademia della Crusca | Fondazione Sistema Toscana | UNESCO | Belgian Ministry of Culture | AssistAmerica | Royal Jordanian | Italia Kuwait Association | Sentor Robbie Puno | HRH Prince of Seborga | Operafestival Firenze | Tokkai Cultural Association | Muscat International Folklore Festival | The European Commission | Museu de Valencia d’Entologia | Museu Maritima | Camille Stone Design | Pitti Immagine | Slow Food Beirut