2nd Stop: Oslo

Sooner or later, every parent tells their child, “If you have nothing nice to say, then best to just say nothing.” So, nothing much to say about Oslo…


Then again, it was Dame Kennedy who myth tells us told Jacqueline Kennedy, at her debut lunch, ‘Darling, if you have nothing nice to say…then sit down next to me!’

In the spirit of Dame Kennedy, Oslo Airport while beautiful in design has very little in common with Copenhagen’s terminals. With only a handful of flights in arrival, baggage took over an hour to arrive on the carousel. The publicized shuttle bus to the hotel was exactly that a public bus that cost over €6 for a 15 minute ride. The driver, well let’s just say that Le Mans is missing a great talent…if he can make a bus make hairpin turns at 90kph, think what he could do with a formula 1?

Admittedly, the torrential downpour and fog did not contribute positively. Will leave final judgment for the return trip when a chance to get into the city center will actually be feasible.