1st stop: copenhagen

A five hour layover may seem onerous after only two and a half hours of flying, but when it’s Copenhagen the wait is anything but tedious.


First and foremost, remember that Denmark is not a Euro country, in other words, True Duty Free! Not just perfumes, jewelry and tobacco, either; halls lined with Danish and foreign designers set within tasteful decor to tempt your wallet and wardrobe. If you happen to be traveling dressed for an arctic expedition, as one does, you may feel more than a bit embarrassed by the stylish clothes on display both within the shops and on most of your fellow travelers.

Two recommendations before breaking the bank shopping:

1) the fish tapas plate at Eyecon, a refreshing selection of salmon, prawns and fish pate; one can’t come to Scandinavia without tasting a bit of salmon, and

2) applecake with espresso at the same establishment…classic apple pie with a touch of Calvados, tart orange sauce and heavy cream plus the coffee will satisfy even a purest Illy palette.

After your snack, take a break in the ‘transfer area’; a glass domed, sunlit hall with a small cropping of leafy trees breathing out oxygen to rejuvenate weary minds and bodies. The air actually smells different as you walk in. Not only for relaxing, the designers have kindly added desks with plugs for last minute deadlines or Ipod recharging and Wifi for communicating.

next stop: Oslo; eta: 20:30.

One thought on “1st stop: copenhagen

  1. Go Mark! It is just too cool to know someone who is going to set foot on the top of the world. Still, thanks for the tips on Copenhagen stopovers, those will actually come in handy for those of us staying in “real” travel land.
    Bon Voyage – Mandy

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